Pinecrest Printery
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Who we are


Alan Henderson started his own letterpress studio in 2014 after working for over six years as the founding partner of a national stationery company. He began his career as a designer for one of the South’s most renowned advertising agencies, and earned his degree in art education from the University of Kentucky. Alan developed his love of color and patternmaking from his grandmother, Mot, and her two sisters who co-owned a shop in downtown Henderson, Kentucky, called The Sewing Center. He named Pinecrest Printery in memory of Mot’s homestead, where “Pinecrest” was painted in large letters on one of the barns.


What we do

We practice ancient, time-honored printing techniques — letterpress, engraving, and embossing — that transcend and outlast today’s digital ephemera. We source the finest papers and mix our own inks to create invitations, stationery, cards, journals, desktop accessories, and gifts. Each piece becomes a keepsake to help you say anything more beautifully, make a lasting impression, and commemorate life’s milestones.


How we work

I’m always looking for different ways to tackle the notecard or to re-invent the journal. I love the challenge of developing a new process whether that’s in printing or die cutting or the use of interesting materials. Some customers come to me knowing exactly what they want printed. Others ask me to create a custom piece. It’s all fun, it’s all creative and the end result is always highly original and thoughtfully designed.


Do you have an upcoming project that needs to look stunning? Feel free to get in touch with me. I'd love to help in any way I can.